Community Day (3-16-16)


Community Day 3

On March 16, 2016, the Indianapolis Continuum of Care gathered together for its first Community Day. This day-long session paired the first full 2016 Continuum of Care meeting and presentations from all of the CoC committees with a full review and brainstorming session of the community-wide surveys distributed by the Support Services Taskforce in Fall 2015. The program for the day can be found here.

This page focuses on the latter half of the day regarding the Support Services Taskforce findings and community discussion; the minutes from the Continuum of Care meeting can be found here.


The mission of the CoC Support Services Taskforce (under the Housing and Support Services Committee) is to seek to better understand the service needs of homeless individuals as well as those at-risk of homelessness living in all 9 Township areas (Center, Washington, Pike, Decatur, Warren, Wayne, Lawrence, Perry and Franklin) in Marion County. This taskforce worked together and created a community needs assessment to examine current support services, gaps in services, and the diversity in types of and numbers of services available.

To begin this work, 661 client surveys were collected from Center, Warren, and Lawrence townships in Fall 2015 to better understand the gaps in services in these townships. After much data entry and analysis done by members of the Support Services Taskforce, the community gathered to discuss the results and generate strategies to help close those gaps for our neighbors in or at risk of homelessness.

Additionally, an independent study was conducted to focus on homeless youth in Marion County, which was also presented at Community Day. Those finding can be found here.

A brief history and overview of the full project can be found here.

Survey Data

The results of the data are broken up by township, as well as looked at comprehensively.

Center Township

Warren Township

Lawrence Township


Community Day   

The goal of the day was to analyze the findings and walk out with clear action steps that will strengthen and improve at least one service area in each of the three townships. 

A brief summary for each township is provided below:

Center Township

Top Gaps Identified
  1. 1. Youth homelessness
  2. 2. Increase engagement
  3. 3. Connect with Indy-Go


Action Steps
  • Create Homeless Youth Taskforce to better target homeless youth initiatives
  • Get more community members and partners to be a part of the Continuum of Care
Other Gaps Identified
  • Need for PSH
  • Housing us – clothing/food/child needs
  • Housing VS Addiction — client awareness of addiction impact
  • What does PSH mean for people, and what services?
  • Mental health- midway awareness?
  • Families & youth – not always a disability to qualify for PSH
  • Employment – Why so low?
  • Aging population – changes how you respond
  • Higher education connections to homeless youth and the providers
  • Look at data by demographics – do gaps change based on demographics
  • Are we doing all we can to help people get financial assistance? SOAR training?
  • How do we deal with the aging homeless? Senior services? Connecting to senior housing
  • Discharges from hospitals & health care facilities – educating hospital social workers & CICOA/respite
  • Rental based on SSI – model programs, tax programs that support development
  • Neighborhood alliance to help children get engaged – Naomi’s House, Indy Go, Fathers and Families, Abby Bryce, Boner Center, Little Red Door, Quest for Excellence, Boulevard Food Pantry, BOSMA, Indiana Protection & Advocacy/ APS
  • Get MCE to the table
  • Audit of who isn’t at the table & invite
  • Dental services – how to get people on & educate about it
  • Better connections to Indy Go for passes
  • 2nd and 3rd shift job transportation
  • Childcare vouchers – too complicated & limited evening availability
  • Centralized information center for homeless
  • Coordinated Entry
  • Indy Homeless Connect
  • More organized network
  • Task force to focus on youth homeless
  • SNAP benefits- require volunteer, work, transportation
  • Use abandoned stock of houses
  • Better engagement of IHA

Warren Township

Top Gaps Identified
  1. 1. Transportation
  2. 2. Emergency shelter
  3. 3. Legal Services
  4. 4. Access to direct financial services


Action Steps
  • Promoting resources and access to resources
  • Connect with Mayor’s office – development and improvement (James Taylor, Charles Ingram, Karen Lightbourne)
  • Get article in neighborhood association newsletter (Michael Schwing)

Lawrence Township

Top Gaps Identified
  1. 1. Dental and medical services
  2. 2. Transportation
  3. 3. Lack of awareness/coordination of available services


Action Steps
  • Connect with who we know
    • Sharing Place
    • La Plaza – Connect with who they know
    • NACS – Neighborhood Alliance for Child Safety
  • Coordinate compilation of services & connect with 211
  • Mobilize/Incentivized Services
    • Tom Hart (Anthem)
    • Mobile health/employment clinics


Community Day 2

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