Committees Overview

A. Formation & Composition

Purpose: The Blueprint Council committees, working groups, and task forces are the action planning components of the system. In these bodies, strategies are developed, deepened and expanded into timed work plans. These groups may also be directly responsible for specific strategies or exploring options to solve particular concerns.

Formation: Standing committees are designated in this Charter. Ad hoc working groups or task forces may be formed and given specific responsibilities as needed by the Blueprint Council. All committee responsibilities apply to ad hoc
groups as well.

Membership: Committee membership may include any Continuum member. Each committee will set its number and recruit members from the Continuum and larger community.

B. Standing Committees

The Blueprint Council has four (4) standing subcommittees:

Committees are responsible for the following:

Housing & Services

  • Coordinating the implementation of housing system strategies within the Continuum, outlined in Blueprint 2.0, that meets the needs of the homeless individuals (including unaccompanied youth) and families as well as those at risk of homelessness.
  • Coordinating the implementation of service and prevention system strategies within the Continuum, as outlined in Blueprint 2.0 that meets the needs of the homeless individuals (including unaccompanied youth) and families as well as those at risk of homelessness.

Planning & Investment

  •  Scanning the environment for best practices and innovations, guiding the annual Blueprint review/update and periodic planning process, oversight of the point-in-time count, conducting an annual gaps analysis of the homeless needs and services available, evaluating outcomes of the Blueprint overall and projects funded under HUD (CoC and ESG Programs), and coordinating data collection and systems (including HMIS).
  • Establishing system and project-level performance targets appropriate for population and program type, monitoring grant performance, developing a fair process for performance improvement, recommending action per that process, and coordinating efforts to expand resources available to the continuum. The Committee will not be responsible for nor have the authority to apply for funds directly.

Community Education & Policy

  • Coordinating implementation of Blueprint goals related to community awareness, education, partnership development; and Continuum communications (internal and external).
  • Coordinating implementation of Blueprint goals related to public policy, advocacy, and related strategies.

CoC Program Application & Technical Assistance

  • Overseeing of all application processes related to the HUD CoC Program: reviewing applications for funding, recommending project rank, developing technical assistance events, and answering questions related to the process.

C. Committee Leadership

A chair or co-chairs, as selected from within the committee, will coordinate each committee and serve as Blueprint Council member.

D. Other Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Each committee will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting its members
  • Selecting a chair or co-chairs
  • Establishing its policies and procedures, and providing them to the Blueprint Council and Support Entity
  • Recording its minutes and attendance, and providing them to the Support Entity
  • Ensuring transparency of its process and meetings
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