Blueprint 3.0 Public Comment

Our draft community plan.

Here is the draft version of the Indianapolis Blueprint to End Homelessness.


As you review the plan, please remember:

1) This Plan draft reflects the results of 12 months of research, feedback from 350 community members, and the work of dedicated community stakeholders (service-providers, funders, housing representatives, individuals with previous or current lived experiences, faith-based organizations, City of Indianapolis representatives, etc.) who participated in 22 hours of community planning sessions to develop a plan that reflects the needs of the community.

2) The data found within the 5-Year Goals and Annual Benchmarks is in the process of being calculated and finalized by the Blueprint Council.

3) As you read through each Strategic Priority, you may wonder who will be responsible for moving progress toward each goal. Please know that the Blueprint Council is in the process of evaluating the Continuum of Care committee structure to ensure action and accountability.

We thank you once again for taking the time to review our community plan.
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