Strategy Grids 2016-2018

Through collaboration with CHIP and Community Solutions, the Indianapolis Continuum of Care created strategies and work plans for each of the CoC Committees, Workgroups, and Taskforces that are responsible for moving the work forward to achieve the result of making homelessness rare, short-lived, and recoverable.

You can access the Blueprint Council Strategy Grids 2016-2018 here.

Each Committee, Workgroup, and Taskforce developed powerful strategies to make progress toward achieving their result and identified indicators of success, action steps, performance measures, a timeline for completion, and partners to engage in the work. These strategic documents will serve as the focal point for the work of each group for the time period of July 2016 through June 2018. It is the intent that these documents are “ever-evolving” and that the committees will review and update them as they do their work. The Blueprint Council will provide overarching oversight and input to the Committees, Workgroups, and Taskforces.

The work plans have been developed in a Results Framework with each Blueprint Committee having determined the result they want their Committee to achieve to contribute to the Blueprint Result.

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