Access the PDF file of the roster here.

First Name Last Name Seat Title Seat Type Term Expiration
Rev. Antonio Alexander Community Education & Public Policy Committee Chair Appointed 2017
Scott Armstrong Vice Chair (2017); Homeless Housing Provider Elected 2019
Gabie Benson Chair (2017); Member At-Large Elected 2018
William Bumphus Faith Based Provider Elected 2019
Danny Camacho Currently or Formerly Homeless Person Elected 2019
William Clayton Mental Health or Substance Abuse Provider Elected 2019
Julie Fidler Con Plan Appointed 2017
Jennie Fults Collaborative Applicant Appointed 2017
Terri Garcia Homeless Prevention Provider Elected 2019
Rev. David Greene  Second Vice Chair (2017); Member At-Large Elected 2018
Zach Gross HMIS Lead Appointed 2017
Crystal Haslett McKinney-Vento Liaison Elected 2018
Sandy Jeffers Non-conflicted Homeless Service Provider Elected 2019
Rev. LuWanna Jennings-Scott Currently or Formerly Homeless Person Elected 2018
Mary Jones Planning and Investment Committee Chair Appointed 2017
Courtney Purnell ESG Grantee Appointed 2017
Nicole Spacey Health Care Institution or Practitioner Elected 2018
Kirk Taylor Program Application and Technical
Assistance Committee Chair
Appointed 2017
Kay Wiles Direct Homeless Service Provider Elected 2016
Michelle Winfield CoC Program Grantee Appointed 2017
Alan Witchey Support Entity Appointed 2017
*Vacant* Housing and Services Committee Chair Appointed
Zachary Alexander Note Taker N/A N/A
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