2015 Election and Redo Election

2015 Blueprint Council Redo Election Results

The ballots for the 2015 Blueprint Council Redo Election have been verified and tabulated by the Elections Ad Hoc Workgroup. The results are listed below:

  • McKinney-Vento Liaison or Designee – Crystal Haslett
  • Healthcare Institution or Practitioner – Nicole Spacey
  • Homeless or Formerly Homeless Person – Rev. LuWanna Jennings-Scott
  • Direct Homeless Service Provider – Kay Wiles
  • Member At-Large – Gabie Benson and Rev. David Greene

Congratulations to the newly elected members and thank you all who participated in the election. We’re excited to welcome the new members onboard and continue the work of the Blueprint Council.


November 2015 Election

At the last CoC meeting on March 16, 2016, the Continuum of Care was made aware that the previous election conducted with rules approved by the Blueprint Council did not follow the Blueprint Charter. As a result, the City of Indianapolis, as the HUD CoC grant collaborative applicant, through advice from its legal counsel determined it would not be able to sign the impending grant application under penalty of perjury. The Election Ad Hoc Workgroup was then formed to create a new format for a new election, and as the will of the majority of the Blueprint Council led it to twice uphold the results of the old election, the Election Ad Hoc Workgroup thought it had found a way to bring the old election into compliance with the Blueprint Charter. Unfortunately, that effort also failed.

As a Continuum of Care, you are promised a detailed explanation of why the Blueprint Council used the 2013 election rules for the November 2015 election and why the election was ultimately invalidated. The Election Ad Hoc Workgroup has issued a November 2015 Blueprint Council Election Statement that details the history of events that led to this point. It shows a timeline of events and mistakes that were made. Continuum of Care members are encouraged to read the document to educate themselves on this topic.

Fulfilling its task per the Blueprint Council, the Election Ad Hoc Workgroup has developed the format for a new election, in compliance with the Blueprint Charter.

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